In Difference to Artificiality (I Can See Right Through It)
Collaborative Installation with David Alcantar at Clamplight Studios, San Antonio, TX
Replica of Antonio Allegri da Correggio's "Jupiter and Io" (Archival Inkjet Print on Stretched Canvas, Wooden Ornamental Frame with Gold Leaf), Fake Wall (Dow™ Rigid Blue Polystyrene Foam, Wood, Drywall), Fog Machine, Magnesium Sulfate Crystals (Epsomite), 60 watt A19 Incandescent Grow Light Bulbs, Bust of Argus Panoptes (Reflective Film, Paper, Poly-fill, Wire)
Dimensions Variable


See David Alcantar's Web site here

Digital 3D Modeling & Pepakura unwrapping for Bust of Argus Panoptes, produced by Paul Wilson