Good Grief

“Only a truly guilty man can conceive of the concept of innocence at all”  — J.G.Ballard (Backdrop of Stars, 1968)

This project explores the porous nature of knowability and belief within the current lens of climate change and denial. Icebergs cast in temporal materials like ice, candy, fat, and frozen ink, are installed in spaces like kitchen counters and coffee tables - spaces that accumulate the detritus of our daily movement. They are invaders, unfriendly reminders of larger things, inconvenient to our schedule, a thing to kick down the road to our future selves.

Icebergs are unique to the current moment, not because they haven’t existed in the past, but because their increasingly frequent occurrence signifies a change that directly contradicts the scale of human machinations. Icebergs are visitors from places beyond our periphery. They contribute to a growing unease within humanity that there are things moving in the dark around us, a threshold state where all that we know can be called into question. Liminality is the friction between the known and the unknown – the spectrum of panic, denial, and grief over an ever-changing now, where we are chilled by the growing sense that our knowing is an indiscreet and leaky thing.



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